“I want to make sure that my products are made out of the highest quality and will last a lifetime,” said Amz Saezim, founder of Mountain Fox Goods, referring to her leather goods that are made with select premium materials and leathers sourced in the USA.

Amz began the journey of designing and selling leather goods in 2017, after making the very first wallet for her husband as a birthday gift. Along with her passion for crafting, she continually produces products that are minimalist-style and nature-inspired.

Focusing on aesthetic and craftswomanship, this brand offers a variety of products from tote bags, wallets, keychains, card holders, to the signature earrings that are inspired by the Monstera leaves.

“Each stage of production is performed with precision and patience, each cut and stitch made intentionally and with care,” stated Amz.


Article | Zita Lam & Tracy Wang
Video | Zita Lam
Photo | Zita Lam
Venue | Oddfellows Cafe+Bar Seattle