“Less can be more”

This quote was written on a chalkboard that is hung at Mindy Hu’s home/workshop. It sums up what Alma Botanicals stands for – providing the true all-natural skincare products to the locals, by using as less (yet effective) ingredients as possible.

Realizing many said organic skincare products are, in fact, chemicals based, during her trip to Antarctica, Mindy asks, “why is it so hard to find all-natural products over the counter?”

After learning the effectiveness of each natural ingredient, Mindy decided the create her own collection in 2016, to change the game by educating her customers that “less can, really, be more.”

The ingredients of the product do not contain fillers, irritating chemicals or preservatives. Additionally, the material she uses for packaging is from recycled cardboard. Environmental-friendly and sustainable are the two main goals she focuses on along with the entrepreneurship.

“We are very lucky to be in a city that embraces natural products. We really have a strong focus on the environment here as well as just being really supportive of each other,” Mindy commented on the crafts community in Seattle

Article | Zita Lam & Tracy Wang
Video | Zita Lam
Photo | Zita Lam